Friday, 16 April 2010

The weekend starts here....?

It's the weekend - hurrahhhh!  So what Have I got to look forward to?  A relaxing evening would be nice and then up at the crack of 8am tomorrow morning.  Cutting the grass and having a general tidy-up out there is a must otherwise it'll look even more ahem than it already does plus I'll miss the fornightly green waste collection.  Two bags of rotting grass is not really good in the increasing heat that could pass for mid to late spring.  Goodness, what a life I lead, full of excitement.  Sunday, think I'll hit the road to the great outdoors and see some of this green and pleasant land while I can afford to pollute it all with carbon fumes and emissions.  On the other hand, I'll go out into the grey and indeterminable landscape that was once green...

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  1. Hi, 2010 eh? Your last post here. I just met Bill Bonney. Was taking my 91 year old mother for a wall in a mall in London, Ontario, Canada and happen to get into a chat with his wife, quite a talker. To make a long story short, being an old 60's band guy myself and also an old auto lover and owner, him and I got talking. I soon realized that this man had great stories to tell and I should listen more than I talked. What a story teller Bill is! Paul McCarthy and him in a "beat up" and on and on and all mesmerizing. Then I mentioned my band and Canadian famous singer our guitar player had played for before joining our band. It was Bobby Curtola's band, check him out here Unfortunately Bobby died recently visiting an old friend in Winnipeg. His big song was Fortune Teller. As I was explaining this one of the other vendors in the mall was walking by and said "Bobby Vinton! My sister married him." Mom (has Alzheimer's but still loves talk was actually silent and listening to Bill Bonney share his stories of the old days with us. What stories! And what a story teller! 2 hours later I had to take mom home but we both hated to leave. Thank you for your site about this great band. Peter Soroka