Friday, 16 April 2010

The weekend starts here....?

It's the weekend - hurrahhhh!  So what Have I got to look forward to?  A relaxing evening would be nice and then up at the crack of 8am tomorrow morning.  Cutting the grass and having a general tidy-up out there is a must otherwise it'll look even more ahem than it already does plus I'll miss the fornightly green waste collection.  Two bags of rotting grass is not really good in the increasing heat that could pass for mid to late spring.  Goodness, what a life I lead, full of excitement.  Sunday, think I'll hit the road to the great outdoors and see some of this green and pleasant land while I can afford to pollute it all with carbon fumes and emissions.  On the other hand, I'll go out into the grey and indeterminable landscape that was once green...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

So I haven't posted anything in a long time, eh?  Here I am and I'm telling you that I am going to put together "Severne", a website dedicated to my video and DVD's and linked off my personal front page.

It's been a while since I did much serious video editing but now is the time to get back into it with the rise of HD.  There in an increasing amount of HD-enabled camcorders and even cameras out these but not too many have too many features yet.  Maybe this is the time to start again and get an HD camcorder.

Trouble is, I already own three digital camcorders, two in normal 4:3 aspect and one widescreen, and I have not had too much use of these in recent years.  This will change, even if it mean going out and doing some personal shoots purely for my benefit - and the getting back into practise of course.

Keep an eye in case my new webpage turns up - and even if you stumble onto this little blog accidentally - not a lot happens but when it does it is, er, less than earth-shattering, I can tell you.  But at least it's fun.